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In a globalized world, full of expansion needs, knowledge, work reasons is that people migrate from one country to another and we seek to meet the need to make their move door to door, this implies that we take care of everything, from its packaging , cargo, export and import customs procedure, national and international transport, delivery in your residence, unpacking of all your personal effects until the collection of waste.

After 28 years of life of the company and more than 35 years of professional experience, we offer a complete and personalized service, both to diplomats, foreign citizens and Bolivians returning.

We have offices in the city of La Paz and in the city of Santa Cruz, adequate warehouses to protect your household items. For customer peace of mind we have plant personnel and specialized in the area of packaging and moving of personal effects, we offer a fleet of trucks of different capacities for both national and international level.


Expand our service offer, reduce time in transit and logistics, meet the requirements, requests and requirements of each client.Follow the quality and warmth in attention to each client, maintain efficiency efficiency.


We see ourselves as the first option in the field of international removals, of household goods, vehicles, pets, works of art, expand our market in offer of services for merchandise in general, expand our branches not only nationally, but internationally.



Our staff operational area we have plant personnel, trained and specialized in the area of packaging and removals.



Our staff in customer service, logistics, administrative and management have the personalized experience of each shipment, meeting the times and requirements of our customers.

We offer to the market our fleet of small, medium and large capacity trucks, making a total of 7 means of transport.



In order to comply with national and international standards, we offer for the safekeeping, storage and transit of both import and export shipments:

  • 1 Central Office
  • 2 Roofed warehouses, ample physical space to protect merchandise in our spaces or also containers (individualized) and open environments.
  • 1 Branch (City of Santa Cruz).